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Bullet Boy - Film Education While there is a known difference between anything British and anything foren, the distinction can get muddled when discussing British cinema. <u>Bullet</u> <u>Boy</u> - Film Education
Bullet Boy. FILM SYNOPSIS. Nineteen-year-old Ricky Asey Walters is fresh out of a juvenile detention centre and determined to make a break with his old life.

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Articles Lowy Institute The film stars UK rapper Asey Walters as Ricky, a young man newly released from prison, but unable to extricate himself from the cycle of gang violence that has become an everyday feature in some parts of inner-city London. Articles Lowy Institute
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Case Study Bullet Boy - BFI Screenonline In my comments to fiction submitters who choose our Feedback Option, I sometimes point out craft ques that are considered weak. Case Study <em>Bullet</em> <em>Boy</em> - BFI Screenonline
Bullet Boy is a low budget, independent feature helmed by first-time feature director Saul Dibb. The film stars UK rapper Asey Walters as Ricky, a young man.

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