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Snapchat Update Brings New Functionality, Customization of BooR. You will soon discover that you are not alone in the planet, but you have something by your side: the power to multiply yourself. In addition to easier viewing, users can customize their Snapcodes BooR code with selfies, bringing a more personal touch to those who wish.

Multiply Yourself to Save a Human Colony in BOOR Badland Indie Run, jump, and use your unique ability to multiply yourself in order to save a human colony in this beautifully illustrated adventure! BadLand Games has sned with developer Dazlog Studio to publish BOOR, a new 2D puzzle platformer, which is set to arrive on.

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Good Desn - Boor Site - Southern Tier Central Regional. Created by Dazlog Studio and published by Bad Land Games for PC, BOOR is a puzzle-platformer where you take the role of the protagonist, in a quest to discover the secrets of a planet where she accidentally landed. Fields, the Boor farmhouse and barns, the site's steepest slopes, and an 8-acre. felt that the site was best suited for a mixed-use development combining new.

News BOOR Dated, New Trailer - Susan Brown, Director of the New York State Agricultural Expirement Station; and Dr. Hours ago. Created by Dazlog Studio and published by BadLand Games for PC, BOOR is a puzzle-platformer where you take the role of the protagonist.

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