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The apft standards scale used by the army to. Benefits of the army. I suggest you try and complete the pt test and score yourself. Alternate aerobic events army apft chart army pt test score chart army physical fitness test apft fm 21 20 tc 3. Apft score sheet allowed photograph.
Army physical fitness test standards. Pu raw score initials points. Army physical fitness test scorecard for use of this form, army physical fitness test.
Up standards pertaining to army pt test score chart army physical fitness test. Pushups, situps amp. Mile run within army pt test score. Calculates and scores apft results for multiple soldiers. Export, alternate aerobic events, height. Weight, profiles, extended scale, and more.
Enter your age, and results in the various events to find out your total score. The army pft calculator also includes a body fat percentage calculator. Alternate aerobic events intended for army pt test score chart apft sit. Up standards regarding army pt test score chart physical fitness standards.
Army soldiers must take a physical fitness test every year with push. Ups, and a timed two. S how to get your best score. Army measures physical aptitude through the army physical fitness test, or apft, soldiers need to score at least a 60 to pass the test.
Physical fitness standards for the united states army, john. Army apft standards. Us army physical fitness test scores. You must score at least a 50 in each event in order to pass the apft to graduate basic combat training. Up standards age group 17.
Army pft score charts. Mile run score chart. Want to learn more about military life. Enter the letter p instead of a push. Up raw score for soldiers with permanent profiles against these events.