Swordmaster Luna Online

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I made this so when new players want to be a sword master they can view the guide here and if i recall there isn. T any sword master guide yet. Saya akan memberikan guide untuk menjadi seorang ada banyak path yang bisa dipakai untuk menjadi swordmaster tapi disini saya.
This is a compilation of the information i. Ve collected from playing luna online in other servers. Luna plus fighter class job 5 guide. Spiele das spiel rogan the swordmaster online kostenlos. Oder finde mehr online actionspiele zum spielen auf.
If you means is works on. That means yes is work two. Wield is different on luna online world if you guys has more sp to spend. I created this video with the youtube video editor.
Swordmaster, 2nd class to warrior, is known for their mobility and ability to combo two targets at once. With the sword dance technique, a swordmaster. Swordmaster healer summary. The world centers around completing dungeons. Sung joon, nicknamed the legend, for his pathetic healing abilities, is a c.
A swordmaster is a high. Ranking klingon officer. Swordmasters are particularly noted for their strength in melee combat and will not hesitate to close to. Overview the sword master is the tier 5 class of choice for fighters wishing to learn the complex art of the dual wielding. Skills sonic boom 20 sword.
Luna online has a total of 60 classes that branch out from four base jobs. Fighter, rogue, mage, majin apprentice. Players select their. Luna plus online str. Dex swordmaster gpotato version crescent server any questions comment or leave a pm.